You also search the helpline number on Google, be careful, the CSC operator suffered a huge loss

If you also wish to get help by searching the helpline on Google, if you make a mistake while doing any work online, then be careful. While searching on Google, some such numbers also come up which are the numbers of thugs. You will be cheated by them by assuring them of help. A similar case has been seen in Ballia. Searched on Google for a refund of money in the account by a CSC operator in Ballia. On searching, he found a helpline number in the browser. After calling on that number, the methods told him were adopted by the CSC operator and in this way, he lost more than 21 thousand rupees. A complaint has been lodged with the cyber cell in this matter.

Withdrawn more than 21 thousand rupees 8 times

Abhishek Kumar Pandey, who lives in ward number 10 of the Revati area of ​​Ballia district, runs a customer service center from his home. Abhishek Pandey told that on September 27, a person named Hiralal had come to his shop to withdraw money. While withdrawing the money, money was deducted from Hiralal’s account while money did not come into Abhishek Pandey’s wallet. Even after waiting for a long time, the money did not come into the account, then Hiralal was sent back by Abhishek saying that he would inform them when the money arrived.

Money did not come into the wallet even on the second day

Abhishek Pandey told that money did not come into his wallet even on the second day. In such a situation, Abhishek searched Google for its information. On searching, he found many types of information. During this, he also got a mobile number there and it was written there to tell him about the help. Troubled Abhishek called on that number and the person in front called himself a customer care officer.

Played after installing Anydesk

Abhishek told that after talking, the person asked him to install AnyDesk software in the laptop. On her advice, Abhishek installed AnyDesk software on his laptop. After installing Anydesk software, the person asked for an Anydex Key, then Abhishek told him. After that, Abhishek was misled by the person in front for a long time, and taking him into confidence, he obtained other information from Abhishek.

If the money is deducted, then it will be said that refund will be done.

Telling about the money being refunded, the person transferred from Abhishek’s wallet to his account. He said that after doing this he will tell me about refunding the money. In this way gradually he transferred Rs 21800 from Abhishek’s wallet 8 times. When money started being transferred, Abhishek closed Anydesk software.

Complained to the police after being cheated

After that Abhishek contacted that number, first he stopped picking up the phone and after that, he switched off his mobile after calling several times. In such a situation, Abhishek got information about the fraud that happened to him. When no solution was found, Abhishek reached the local police. He was asked by the police to lodge a complaint with the cyber cell. Even after complaining in a cyber cell, his money has not been returned yet.

Experts said – to be careful with the number you get on Google

When the opinion of the customer service center operators and cyber experts was taken in this regard, it was told the experts that thugs keep feeding their numbers on their website, blog, and other platforms. According to keywords, many times their numbers come first while searching on Google. By doing this people call on the same number and become victims of fraud. To avoid this, people can take help by visiting the helpline number given on the official website or by visiting the nearest office. But people should avoid taking help by calling the number that comes after searching on Google.

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